About This Project
We discovered that we were insanely passionate about bringing as genuine a product to the Edinburgh pizza and delivery scene by using the freshest and best sourced ingredients and we also knew we wanted to support other local foodies and keep our impact on the planet as low as possible. Despite all this, we set out without a decisive plan before thinking where better to start than simply at the beginning. The foundations, the building blocks, the most important part of any structure so why should pizza be any different? We didn’t think so either so with simple and good quality in mind we grafted hard and experimented with many different variations and methods until we came up with our classic dough. It’s purely flour, salt and yeast, allowed to rise for 72 hours to become light and delicious. Simple and good. All of our pizzas are handcrafted and stone baked with a healthy dose of love and care and we’ve now got two stores in Edinburgh, one on Rose Street and the other on South Clerk Street, and this makes us so happy because we can spread the message of good pizza and values to even more of you, happy days!