Our Story

We are on a mission to slow fast food down, change its unhealthy image and give the lunchtime sandwich and the disappointing Friday takeaway a run for its money! Big talk, we know, but we believe that we actually do walk the walk too!

Our journey began… everyone’s on a journey nowadays right? Seriously though, after many a pizza and many a disappointment, we were completely fed up with the quality of pizza available to us here in Edinburgh. We’d had it all, frozen food passed off as freshly made pizza, greasy messes and pizza with magically disappearing toppings. What is with that? If we order Pepperoni, we want a healthy dose, not 3 slices sporadically dotted around. It’s the curse of mass production and done poorly at that with little care and we knew that we could do better and that we, and everyone in Edinburgh, deserved better.

We discovered that we were insanely passionate about bringing as genuine a product to the Edinburgh pizza and delivery scene by using the freshest and best sourced ingredients and we also knew we wanted to support other local foodies and keep our impact on the planet as low as possible.  Despite all this, we set out without a decisive plan before thinking where better to start than simply at the beginning. The foundations, the building blocks, the most important part of any structure so why should pizza be any different? We didn’t think so either so with simple and good quality in mind we grafted hard and experimented with many different variations and methods until we came up with our classic dough. It’s purely flour, salt and yeast, allowed to rise for 72 hours to become light and delicious. Simple and good.

All of our pizzas are handcrafted and stone baked with a healthy dose of love and care and we’ve now got two stores in Edinburgh, one on Rose Street and the other on South Clerk Street, and this makes us so happy because we can spread the message of good pizza and values to even more of you, happy days!

We are ridiculously proud of our classic dough, so proud that we are named ourselves after it and we just didn’t think you should have to miss out just because you want to stay at home and binge watch. No judgement here. Binge watching is important… and so is good pizza.

We’ve got your back… Welcome to Dough!

Order direct from us… you won’t regret it!

We find that our precious pizzas are better taken care of when we deliver them ourselves and we want to keep our high quality promise to each and every one of you. Other delivery companies take a rather substantial slice of our pizza penny pot with each order through them too so to help us keep our promise, order directly from us, either online here, by the good old telephone or drop in past.

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Ingredients & Suppliers

Dietary Requirements

Make your pizza the way you want it, you’re the boss… not really but we’ll let you think you are…

We believe in happy, healthy eaters. Be it an intolerance, allergy or even just the weirdest preference, we welcome the challenge and will do our best to make you your perfect pizza.

Our pesky stubborn streak, however, won’t let us compromise on quality or service standards so if we’re having a busy spell, we may not be able to stray too far from the menu.

One thing we don’t do right now is gluten free dough. We’re working on it, we just want it to blow your mind so in the meantime, we can make you up an earth shattering salad with pretty much any of our ingredients and yeah, good things come to those who wait as they say…

Also, remember to note your preferences and allergies when booking so we can do our best by being prepared, like all good scouts should always be.

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