We’re big on taste, and a tad stubborn we’ll admit, so we’re not really willing to compromise the quality of our pizzas but we’ll spoil you with a few offers.

We’re cool like that.



You poor hardworking creatures, you deserve 10% off everything because life is just so hard right?


Oh! and Vino customers, you guys also get 10 % discount. Cheers to that!


For all of you rushing about at lunch, between 12 and 2pm you can get the below offers to make your day a little easier, you are so welcome.

£6.95 for any 10” focaccia, slaw and a can.
£5.50 for any pizza slice, slaw and a can.


Indulge in four 10″ pizzas for £30* on collection. Boom, sorted!

Start the week right with two 15” pizzas for £20.95*, Monday to Wednesday only.

(*Selected pizzas)

Order direct from us, you won’t regret it!

We find that our precious pizzas are better taken care of when we deliver them ourselves and we want to keep our high quality promise to each and every one of you. Other delivery companies take a rather substantial slice of our pizza penny pot with each order through them too so to help us keep our promise, order directly from us, either online here, by the good old telephone or drop in past.

Just Dough it… Order here

Just so everyone is up to speed…

We bequeath unto you a 10% discount for anyone who orders directly from our website. This website… it’s so easy! Use code: DOUGH-DIRECT at checkout.

And last but not least, whenever we get any discount from our suppliers, we make sure to reflect this with seasonal deals on some of our pizzas so keep your eyes peeled for that golden nugget of goodness!

Just dough it and order here

Having an office lunch or organising an event?

We have you covered… And we’ll give you a good deal!

If you need any large order delivered at lunch then don’t hesitate to contact us, just give us a call or send us an email and we will work out the best deal for you!

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