We’re not big on offers, we are big on taste.

We prefer to use good quality products as opposed to doing silly deals and making cheaper pizzas. However, we want everyone to enjoy Dough so we try to help out those who might not have as big a budget as the rest of us.  Enjoy a 10% discount plus reduced prices at certain times of the day. So students, Oh! and Vino customers, party planners and lunchtime passers-by here’s a little bit of extra Dough just for you.

  • 10” Dough Margherita for only £4.50. It’s true! Buy a 10” pizza between 12 and 3pm in store and pay half the price of the 15” equivalent.
  • Buy a slice of Slice of Dough Margherita and a can in store for only £3 (go on, stretch to another £1 if you want a particular topping).
  • 10% off all pizzas for students.
  • 10% off our partner pub customers – OH! and Vino (ask at the bar for discount cards).

We also pass any discounts from our suppliers on to our customers so look out for seasonal deals on particular pizzas.

Order direct

Help us invest in good product and suppliers. Delivery systems take a big slice of our pizza out of every order so phone, order here or drop by so we can keep our standards high and our prices good value.

Order now!